Our Communities

The Central House Community

(Established on December 9, 1985)

The seat of the Philippine Delegation is located at Kingsville Executive Village, Antipolo City. It provides a welcoming spirit for the Sisters coming from other communities and an ideal place for meetings of all the Sisters. The Central House is the locus of the Sisters and young women in formation. Dedicated women from all over Asia who wish to develop themselves as religious in the totality of their humanity and to offer themselves to God through the service of the poor and the sick are given here the opportunity to do so. 


The Camillian Sisters in Mambugan

The Camillian Sisters in Mambugan

(Established in January 1993)

The Camillian Sisters in Mambugan manage various programs: 

1. OMD Polyclinic and Wellness Center

2. Bahay Kanlungan Home for the Elderly

3. Feeding Program with Livelihood program for parents and caregivers.


Camillian Sisters’ Polyclinic

The Camillian Sisters Clinic started in a small nipa hut in 1988; three years later, a concrete structure was built and was inaugurated, “Opera Maria Domenica and Family Center”. Now called the “Camillian Sisters Polyclinic and Rehabilitation Center”, it presently offers medical, surgical and dental services, laboratory (including Drug Testing) and radiological procedures, rehabilitation services, wellness center, social services and pharmacy.It serves as Polyclinic and family health care center. It provides daily medical and dental, X-ray, rehabilitation and other medical assessment examination services. It also establishes regular medical/dental missions in distant areas at the foot of the mountain of Antipolo.

Bahay Kanlungan

Bahay Kanlungan cares for the destitute elderly women dropped in by relatives who cannot afford to care for them and those found in the streets without anyone with them. They are provided home, nutritional food, medical and rehabilitation services. They are assisted by the Sisters and volunteers towards further spiritual experiences.

Livelihood program

Livelihood program is a program for parents and caregivers which provides buy and sell activities to yield income and augment their daily economic needs in the family.

The Camillian Sisters in Digos

(Established on Sept. 1, 2002)

September 1, 2002, the second, a temporary shelter for the abandoned sick, the elderly women, and the handicapped was inaugurated in Digos City, Davao del Sur. [The Digos Community] Surrounded by high mountains, adorned with verdant hills, enriched by a gorgeous sea, Digos is a beautiful, relatively small city in Davao del Sur. It is easy to feel at home there and our Sisters did feel immediately at home when they began their community life in a house provided by the Bishop at Lim Extension Street.

Through the continous updating, the institutions have satisfactorily complied with the Department of Social Welfare and Development standards in the implementation of Residential Care Programs and Services for the Elderly. A DSWD accreditation was awarded to the institutions for their continuous efforts for the upliftment of the poor and the disadvantaged. Other than the home for the elderly, the sisters commit themselves to home care assistance of the sick and the elderly and in the pastoral health care in the hospitals. The community also organized a scholarship program as well as a livelihood-candle making program for the support of the elderly.     

It celebrates the fifteenth (15th) year anniversary of the Balay ni Maria Domenica Temporary Shelter for the elderly. Through God’s Providence the Sisters are able to organize various health care, livelihood and educational activities for children, youth and adults as well as care for the elderly who are abandoned.Certainly, the Sisters’ unselfish dedication will contribute to empower many people towards an active collaboration in facing a daily life which in itself is quite hard, yet rich with great opportunities for an authentic human and Christian growth.


The Camillian Sisters in Mati

(Established on July 24, 2004)

This is a hospital-based community. The Sisters collaborate with the Camillian priests and brothers at the St. Camillus Hospital of Mati Foundation, Inc., in Madang, Mati City, Davao Oriental. The Sisters work at the General Services section, Nursing Department, Human Resources Department and Community-Based Health Care Program with mobile clinic, reaching out to remote areas giving services on medical, laboratory exams and dispensing the prescribed medicines. This is to ensure the needs of the poor sick who cannot afford to go to Clinics for check-up due to distance.

The Sisters are now working with the general services and community based health care program.  

CBHCP created a self-contained farm that gives cure for the ailing Earth, with plants that are utterly open to and formed by cosmic influences from the depths of the earth to the heights of the heavens, with right number of animals to provide manure for fertility, and these animals should, in turn, be fed from the farm, sustains the development of the served communities - and this provides wholeness of the peoples’ health.