Our Communities

The Camillian Sisters in Mambugan

(Established in January 1993)
Website: http://mambugan.camilliansisters.org

The Camillian Sisters in Mambugan manage various programs: the OMD Polyclinic, the Bahay Kanlungan and the Livelihood program for parents and caregivers.

Camillian Sisters’ Polyclinic

It serves as Polyclinic and family health care center. It provides daily medical and dental, X-ray, rehabilitation and other medical assessment examination services. It also establishes regular medical/dental missions in distant areas at the foot of the mountain of Antipolo.


Bahay Kanlungan

Bahay Kanlungan cares for the destitute elderly women dropped in by relatives who cannot afford to care for them and those found in the streets without anyone with them. They are provided home, nutritional food, medical and rehabilitation services. They are assisted by the Sisters and volunteers towards further spiritual experiences.

Livelihood program

Livelihood program is a program for parents and caregivers which provides buy and sell activities to yield income and augment their daily economic needs in the family.