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The Central House Community

The Central House Community

(Established on December 9, 1985)

The Central House, located at Kingsville Executive Village, Antipolo City, is the seat of the Phillippine Delegation. It provides a welcoming spirit for the Sisters coming from other communities and an ideal place for meetings of all the Sisters. Moreover, the Central House is the locus of the Sisters and young women in formation. Dedicated women from all over Asia who wish to develop themselves as religious in the totality of their humanity and to offer themselves to God through the service of the poor and the sick are given here the opportunity to do so.

These women presently from India, Indonesia, and all over the Philippines find the guidance they need and the joy of living community life. They also receive training in human development, religious and spiritual formation, formal and non-formal studies on health care and other courses related to the charism.

Part of the formation of the Sisters is the direct contact with the reality of sickness and poverty affecting our society. The apostolate of the community consists then of ministry to families, the aged, women, children with special needs, and the sick in their homes. One of the community’s dreams is to organize ways of contemplative healing as well as the traditional approach to medical treatment for common sicknesses.

Furthermore, the Central House is also a venue for children and family activities and gatherings of the elderly. Fora and seminars on relevant and burning issues of our times are held here too.