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Completeness of One’s Wellness: the Physical and the Spiritual
Written by Sr. Leandrina R. Aclan, SMI Program Director, CBHCP   


Sr. Leandrina R. Aclan, SMI Program Director, CBHCP The St. Camillus Hospital of Mati Foundation - Community Based Health Care Program (CBHCP) of Mati, Davao Oriental is now continuing its alternative traditional treatment services such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, ventusa, orthopedic massage and herbal products/preparations. The bananas planted by the Community Health Volunteers and the herbal plants are growing with other new plants added and are feeding people and the animals cared within the compound. A farm plan is prepared for the adjacent hectare to grow diverse vegetables and some fruit trees to provide healthy food for the patients and people in general.

The present practice is integrated with the anthroposophic medicine and biodynamic farming. The Community Health Volunteers are now moving towards practicing the natural way of growing herbal and food crops plants, learning to do other ways of herbal medicine procession like granules and to mix them in polvoron for the children. They were given upgrading training from AKKAP Kidapawan on indigenous treatment such as compress, moxibustion, etc. They are now accepting children who need tender touch in massaging them. A day of orientation on curative education, was also done facilitated by Dr. Moon Maglana, Director of AKKAP-Kidapawan. Dr. Maglana, is member of the certification for acupuncturists of Department of Health Philippine Institute of Alternative Health Care (DOH-PITAHC). There were fifty seven (57) day care teachers of Mati joined the activity. Advance acupuncture training for six (6) days also followed with the help of Dr. Lyn Redoble of Community Base Health Services Association–Mindanao. The community health volunteers equipped to welcome more guests from far-flung areas of eastern coast of Davao Oriental. They are also giving training on Basic Health Skills to youth of Don Bosco Training Center of Mati. Series of training are scheduled for the requesting communities.

St. Camillus Hospital’s administration of Fr. Marcelo Pamintuan, Jr., M.I., gives full support to this program to integrate the services of the hospital to the people of Davao Oriental. In six months (6) time, the structure of Traditional Community Medicine Center and Biodynamic Farming, Sustainability of Cbhcp will rise. It has a prayer room where the guests can stay with the Lord while and give time for silence. This helps in the healing process. It is the sanctuary of life of St. Camillus Hospital of Mati Foundation because it serves as an experience where the sick finds natural ways of healing to fit the complexity of her/his being in need to be wholly well. This process of healing through treatment mentioned above and the source of plants that sacrifice themselves, brings people back to his wholeness and all other elements of life are found within the surrounding. Traditional Community Medicine Centre aims to practice salutogenic method to health care. Moreover, people will also find the naturally grown food crops like vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs to nourish the body that God has gifted to us.


By: Sr. Leandrina R. Aclan, SMI Program Director, CBHCP