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The community Based Health Care Program continues to facilitate trainings to different groups in Mati.  They are the following:

  1. Healing Education to Daycare Teachers of Mati of the Department of Social work Office (DSWO) - Mati. 

    Orientation on Healing Education w/Dr. MoonIt was facilitated by Dr. Rosalinda “Moon” Maglana, Chairman of Alternatibong Kalamboan Katilingbanong Panglawas (AKKAP) which means Alternative Community Health Development, Kidapawan, Cotabato. It was attended by fifty seven (57) participants, all of them satisfied by the anthroposophic medicine background on child’s natural development in both body and soul. They also desired to learn how to prepare herbal medicine preparation to augment their care to the children entrusted to them and to teach the mothers how to do it and practice healing process at home.

    It was held on March 21, 2009 at CBHCP kiosk, the venue of the training.  It usually accommodates 25 persons but on this day 57 persons were gathered around, were served well, and were satisfied for it had been long time that they have had a seminar of this kind.
  2. Basic Health Skills Training to Integrated Farming Technology students of DON BOSCO batch 1 – March-June 12, 2008 with thirteen (13) students attended. 

    Bosco Students on Basic Health Sk Training Same training was given to batch 2 from JULY  2008- JUNE 6, 2009 with  thirty one (31) Students.  The Trainers were the CBHCP Staff led by Sr. Leandrina R. Aclan.  This was committed by St. Camillus Hospital-Community Based Health Care Program  to Don Bosco Training Center-Mati as an agreement that the two institutions made when the staff had their Biodynamic training with the institute.  And it is continued to present. The training content includes anthroposophic medicine which embraces the totality of the person’s nature: physical, sensitivity, mind’s organization and the spirit body.  When this becomes disorganized, it calls the need of the plant kingdom or some animals to sacrifice in order to bring back human beings to health.  Indigenous healing was also introduced like: ventusa, acupressure, herbal medicine preparation in syrup, granules, tea, ointment, oil, etc.

    In the evaluation done, the students found satisfaction both in the theory, Methodology and actual hands-on learning with the friendly trainers, who were able to guide them to deepening of the topics given.  They are happy for they were able to practice this in their respective family and to some people like friends and even to the priests of Don Bosco.  They also experienced the effect of the treatment on their own.   They hope to further study more on this later given more time and focus on this course.

    The same training will be give to batch 3 students this coming August 26, 2009
  3. Advanced Acupuncture Training – May 31 to JUNE 3, 2009 facilitated by  Dr. Lynn Redoble & Ms. Grace Celis of community Health Care Services Association-Mindanao. 

    Adv. Acupuncture - Point location demoIt was participated by  twenty (20)  participants who have background and practicing acupuncture coming from the parishes of Davao Oriental. They were sent by their respective Parish Priests whom Sr. Lea had coordinated. It was also successful as expressed by the participants in the last day assessment and found benefited by the training.  The topics were presented on power point and easy to follow.  Maribeth, CBHCP acupuncturist was also asked to help in the presentation of the topics. The trainers were good in their job.  However, some have difficulty especially those who are not used with higher technology.  The participants found that they really need more follow up trainings and so with their companions in the respective parishes: Mati, Dawan, Kinablangan, Lupon, San Ignacio. Action plans were made: follow up training on level 2Acupuncture, meetings for Case Discussion Quarterly every (Third Tuesday ) beginning September 15, 2009.  Request for training at Kinablangan was already proposed for scheduling. Generally, the experience was good, for they were refreshed in the farm’s air fresh in their stay during the training.
  4. Biodynamic Agriculture Training to Farmers    

    Training on Biodynamic Farming-Taguibo FarmersThe Taguibo-Waywayan, Mati farmers were the participating trainees with the support of the community barangay and municipal council. Trainers were CBHCP Sr. Lea Aclan and Arnold Tapil, the center’s biodynamic agriculture technician and some selected staff. The Training began on the month of February 2009 to present.  They had just successfully harvested 50 cavans of both wild (black) and masipag rice as part of the demo on free from synthetic chemical fertilizers. August 5, 2009 was the culmination program which was done at the Taguibo barangay Hall, attended by the farmers who patiently followed the sessions and actual work, the staff of CBHCP, Sr. Leandrina and Fr. Marcelo Pamintuan, and the barangay councilors. They formed a group called Taguibo Farmers’ Healthy Products Association. The President and the members expressed their happiness of the experience in studying and working together in order to discover the life force available in nature. The Barangay Chairman also assured the government’s continuous support to the group dreaming that they will be able to feed their people with natural and healthy foods.  Fr. Marcelo and Sr. Leandrina congratulated, and encouraged them that they are on the right tract and in line with God’s plan for life.  Trainer Arnold Tapil will continue to give them the last topics on animal management and monitoring to their groups’ project on vegetable and rice production for the next cropping.

    The next training on Biodynamics to Farmers will begin in Danao, Dawan,Mati as  requested by the Dawan Farmers Association and Barangay Council.
  5. Basic Health Skills Training July 06 – 12, 2009 was done in St. Camillus Hospital Foundation-Community Based health Care Program. Facilitators were requested from Alternatibong Katilingbanong Kalamboang Panglawas AKKAP (Alternative Community Health Development) based in Kidapawan, Cotabato, the credible and trusted by its guests, for being well prepared health volunteers/trainers on indigenous medicine.  There were sixteen (16) participants who attended. One of them was a young retired Philippine Navy Officer, who was grateful of having joined the learning group. Topics covered were the following: The True Nature of Nature, Human Being, and Plant, Growing, Caring and Child Development, Strengthen Health and Prevention of Illness, Sickness and Treatment-Caring, Filipino Indigenous Medicine Herbal Medicine Procession, Intoxication, and Cure to Human Being and Nature.

    Basic Health Sk.Training - blessing of nutritional foodThe Participants were friendly helping each other; and from the many things learned they realized that the topics were taught by the elders and from the indigenous people. Cooking nutritional foods was one of activities, which they enjoyed so much.  They love the food, for it is simple and taste naturally delicious. They have eaten indigenous food, for the first time including gumamela flowers.  The basic health skills training was very informative and the participants learned through experience that they can apply to self and family.  They understand what lifestyle means. They were sure of the quality of the herbal medicine they have processed.

    The Facilitators are approachable, smiling though tired, well-experienced & trained and experts on the topics.  They are sympathetic, friendly, kind & patience.

    Recommendation/Suggestions: To continue what was being started despite of difficulties and distractions along the way.  To have more updates on other leanings; to continue sharing this program to the poor; to augment interest in the participation of the program; and fix things every after demonstrations done.

    PLACE: venue is fresh, naturally lighted, inspiring and quiet natural environment fit for learning, near to the vegetation to study.  The only comment on the venue is that there is no good place to accommodate the male facilitator.


Topics Basic Health Skills Training:

  1. Ang Tiunay ng Kinaiyanhan sa kinaiyahan ug Tawo (The True Nature of  Nature and Human Being )
  2. Ang Tiunay nga Kinaiyanhan sa Tanum/Pagpalig-on sa Panglawas ug Paglikay sa Sakit (The True Nature of Plant/Strengthen Health and Prevention of Illness)
  3. Pagtubo, Pag-amuma ug Pagpadaku sa Bata (Growing, Caring and Child Development)
  4. Sakit ug Pagpanambal (Sickness and Treatment-Caring)
  5. Pilipinong Lumadnong Pagpanambal (Filipino Indigenous Medicine)
  6. Pagluto sa mga Igtatambal nga mga Tanum (Herbal Medicine Processsion)
  7. Pagkahilo ug Pagpahiuli sa Tawo ug Kinaiyahan (Intoxication and Cure to Human Being and Nature)