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The San Lorenzo Ruiz Community


(Established in December 8, 1993)

The sisters reside in a house situated at the former San Juan relocation area of squatters in the Municipality of the former President, Joseph Estrada. It is an environment where small houses are under water during rainy days. Residents are forced to stay here rather than renting houses near the city for lack of economic stability. Besides, their homes being demolished, they were driven out from the place where they used to work. At this time, most of the adults are jobless due to contractualization of the employment agreement of business companies.

The people are facing an economic crisis. Most of the children suffer from under-nourishment and common sicknesses. They are deprived of basic health care, proper education, sanitary and stable homes. Furthermore, children and women are generally experiencing exploitation in different ways and forms such as domestic violence, organized sex trade and others. The Sisters are confronted with this real life situation. They render the following services:

  1. collaboration with the Poor Servants of the Divine Providence in San Lorenzo Parish pastoral programs like evangelization, social service, youth ministry and other seminars on Social Teachings of the Church;
  2. collaboration in the Poor Servants’ Center-based Clinic which provides medical, dental, and laboratory services and pulmonary disease treatment to the people of the Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz;
  3. administering the Sisters’ Mobile Clinic and Community Development Project, which delivers weekly scheduled medical, dental and x-ray services to the communities of the Parish and to nearby places upon request;
  4. also organizes training for community health volunteers who serve their respective communities.

The Sisters live in solidarity with the poor and the sick, dwelling in a house located close to the Church, among the poor, and thus subject to the same uncertainty of having permanent housing.