The Camillian Sisters Indonesia

The dream of establishing the charism of mercy towards the sick in Indonesia began in 1993. With zeal and ardour, Sr. Veronica Centeno and Sr. Camillina Cristofoli set foot in Indonesia and promoted the Congregation to the Local Churches with the help of SVD priests.

Some years after, many young Indonesian women responded to the invitation to serve God in the sick and joined the Camillian Sisters in the Philippines. At present, we have 4 professed Indonesian Sisters. With a purpose of starting our physical presence there, in 2011, two of our Indonesian Sisters, Paulina Making and Natalia Delci Klau were sent to study nursing and social work respectively in Kupang, Indonesia. These two sisters actively participate also in the Parish of St. Mattias Rasul, Tofa Maulafa Kupang NTT Indonesia. They visit the sick in their homes, administer the sacrament of Holy Communion and share God’s mercy and compassion. The sisters are well appreciated in our ministry of serving the sick, the aged and the dying with charity in the parish; moreover, they also give catechism to the children. In 2014, both shall finish their studies and hopefully establish our ministry in the health care field.

Soon we shall be starting to establish our first community in Indonesia. In preparation for this,

we shall conduct a thorough study for the potential place (first mission location) where our

charism shall be maximally exercised, can attract vocations to religious life and assure

sustainability. For this purpose, from 24 May 2013 until 2 July 2013 we shall go to visit five places: Yogyakarta, Maumere, Kupang, Atambua and East Timor.